How to safely watch a solar eclipse >> Science

4/28/2017 People have “watched eclipses in all history,” says Jarita Holbrook, a fellow at the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Renée Fleming and Joshua Bell to Unite for Science >> Science

4/28/2017 The opera star Renée Fleming and the violinist Joshua Bell - two musicians whose fame transcends classical music - will share the stage in “Time, Creativity and the Cosmos,” a multimedia spectacle to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the World ...

Hidden World of Canyons and Ridges Revealed on Polar Seafloor >> Science

4/28/2017 Nonetheless, chief editor of the atlas, Julian Dowdeswell, director of the Scott Polar Research Institute, told Live Science that over 95 percent of the types of landforms you would find on the seabed are likely represented in the new collection. The ...

Brookwood team wins State Science Olmpiad - >> Science

4/28/2017 A team from Brookwood High School won the 2017 State Science Olympiad, where the top four teams were...

The Magic Of Science >> Science

4/28/2017 In 2015, President Barack Obama said, “[Science] is more than a school subject, or the periodic table, or the properties of waves.

The scales of the ocellated lizard are surprisingly coordinated >> Science

4/28/2017 SPECKLED SKIN The green and black spots on the back of an ocellated lizard are arranged according to the rules of a cellular automaton, a concept from computer science. Scales flip colors depending on the colors of their neighbors. Juan Lacruz ...

Here's how to get over a breakup, according to science >> Science

4/28/2017 When it comes to getting over your ex, the best strategy may be 'fake it until you make it,” according to a new study. A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience found that doing something that makes you feel like you are getting over your ex ...

Hands-on science programs offered May 8-12 at library branches >> Science

4/28/2017 Durham County Library will present a program for teens and tweens, “Casey's Laugh & Learn: Hands-On Science!” at six Durham County Library locations the second week of May.

Markowitz: Stepping Up For Science >> Science

4/28/2017 But as a former head of Vermont's Agency of Natural Resources, I know that we shouldn't take them for granted - that without good science, we couldn't protect Vermonters' public health or our environment. And these days, the attacks on science - on ...

Your sense of smell is actually pretty amazing >> Science

4/28/2017 (At the time, Sobel was a junior professor at Berkeley, though he's now at Israel's Weizmann Institute of Science.) For the chocolate-tracking experiment, Sobel and his students tested a total of thirty-two people and found that twenty-one of them ...

21587 Reasons to Fix Forensic Science >> Science

4/28/2017 On April 10, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he would disband the nonpartisan National Commission on Forensic Science, which was established four years ago to make forensic science independent from the win-at-all-costs mind-set of so ...

Bricks made from fake Martian soil are surprisingly strong >> Science

4/28/2017 Bricks made from a Mars soil look-alike can be stronger than concrete. This one is cracked because the researchers tested it to its point of failure.

Will the March for Science wither away like the Women's March? >> Science

4/28/2017 Margaret Breslau is no stranger to political action—and she knows that sustaining momentum is vital. The organizer of the Blacksburg, Virginia, March for Science has campaigned for minimum wage earners, Black Lives Matter, the Occupy movement, and ...

Spotify Turns to Blockchain Technology to Pay More Royalties to Artists >> Technology

4/28/2017 Spotify has announced its acquisition of blockchain technology company Mediachain Labs to help it reward online content owners with royalty payments.

Why US Steel, Seagate Technology, and Dr Pepper Snapple Group Slumped Today >> Technology

4/28/2017 Moreover, bad news from some sectors of the market helped to dampen excitement from earlier in the week, and U.S. Steel (NYSE:X), Seagate Technology (NASDAQ:STX), and Dr Pepper Snapple Group (NYSE:DPS) were among the worst performers on the ...

CDA students fuse technology, creativity and garner international ... >> Technology

4/28/2017 A group of middle-school-aged engineers used technology to help a fi.

Could Fiber Optic Technology Help Detect Leaks on Oil Rigs and Pipelines? >> Technology

4/28/2017 Fiber optic technology could help the operators of pipelines and oil rigs get valuable real time information about the oil flowing through their pipes, helping to point out potential leaks even before they begin, says David Brower, president of Astro ...

Seagate Technology Plc (STX) Q3 2017 Results - Earnings Call Transcript >> Technology

4/28/2017 Good morning. And welcome to the Seagate Technology Fiscal Third Quarter 2017 Financial Results Conference Call. My name is Liz and I will be your coordinator for today.

Smartphone-Controlled Cells Could Pump Insulin for Diabetics >> Technology

4/28/2017 The first human test of optogenetics is under way to restore vision to patients with retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye condition that leads to blindness.

A Guide to the Technology Behind 5G – POLITICO >> Technology

4/28/2017 The hopes for what 5G can accomplish are a testament to mobile's triumph. Mobile has been so successful, on such a massive scale, that it has become the ...

Ancient technology in Meriden's Hanover Pond dam begins generating electricity >> Technology

4/28/2017 MERIDEN - An Archimedes screw turbine recently installed in the Hanover Pond dam is now generating electricity. New England Hydropower Company, which installed the technology of ancient Greek scientist Archimedes to transform the dam into a ...

Micron Technology Names Sanjay Mehrotra CEO, President >> Technology

4/28/2017 Micron Technology (MU) named SanDisk (SNDK) co-founder and former CEO Sanjay Mehrotra as its new CEO and president effective May 8. Mehrotra will replace Mark Duncan who announced his retirement earlier this year.

NextGen technology passes key test | Breaking News ... >> Technology

4/28/2017 EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP - The technology the Next Generation Air Transportation System operates on passed a major test recently.

100 Days in, Few Clues about Trump's Tech Agenda >> Technology

4/28/2017 Donald Trump told us almost nothing about where he stood on some of today's most controversial technology policy issues before he became president.

CNBC Transcript: Nicholas Yang, Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Hong Kong Sar >> Technology

4/28/2017 Following is the transcript of a CNBC interview with Nicholas Yang, Secretary for Innovation and Technology, of Hong Kong Sar.

Golf takes step back in reducing technology's role >> Technology

4/28/2017 Although Nunez was originally called out, after an official review the call was reversed thanks to the latest in video technology. The play was studied numerous times in high definition and in slow motion. It was also watched at an exposure at least ...

Why Marines will be armed with tablets in the next generation of war ... >> Technology

4/28/2017 CAMP PENDLETON Several large drones - one with a 9-foot wingspan - swooped over the surf and canyons and along combat town at Red Beach.

Enterprise security technology consolidation >> Technology

4/28/2017 Point tools aren't really designed to talk with one another, leaving human beings to bridge the communications, intelligence and technology gaps between them. Furthermore, each individual tool requires training, deployment, configuration and ongoing ...

If we value growth, more technology is a must >> Technology

4/28/2017 What changed this was technology. Despite huge technological advances, employment as a percentage of population has remained stable in western Europe over the past 150 years.

The VWR Foundation Approves Grants to Enable Science Education >> Chemistry Science

4/28/2017 The VWR Foundation's grant will provide funds for safety equipment needed in their science laboratory that will enable students to perform experiments in organic chemistry. This curriculum is extremely important as it has proven to play an integral ...

U.S. Penalizes Syrian Weapons Scientists After Sarin Attack >> Chemistry Science

4/28/2017 John Gilbert, a senior science fellow at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation in Washington DC, says the SSRC's connection to Syria's chemical weapons programme has been well-known and widely reported for many years. However, Gilbert ...

How Chemistry Implicated Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ... >> Chemistry Science

4/28/2017 If someone is going to commit mass murder of innocent civilians, it's not too much of a stretch to assume that he's going to lie about it.

Eastern Feels Like Home for Music and Psychology Major >> Psychology

4/28/2017 She is double majoring in music and psychology with the goal of becoming a music therapist. The senior enjoys the “small town vibe” of the campus and prefers attending classes on campus.

Dogs Prefer Advice From People Who Actually Have the Answers >> Psychology

4/28/2017 This was elegantly demonstrated in a series of experiments conducted by Michelle Maginnity and Randolph Grace of the Department of Psychology at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. They started off by capitalizing on the fact ...

Expanded role of health psychologists stressed in health, education ... >> Psychology

4/28/2017 LAHORE Speakers at the opening ceremony of three-day international conference on “Health Psychology: Issues and Challenges” at the Government College ...

NU psychology professor publishes book on negative impacts of beauty standards on women >> Psychology

4/28/2017 Psychology Prof. Renee Engeln recently released her first book, “Beauty Sick,” which uses stories of women and girls to explain a cultural obsession with women's appearances that prevents them from achieving success.

Lincoln Hills psychologist dismissed >> Psychology

4/28/2017 MADISON, Wis. - A top psychologist at Wisconsin's troubled youth prison was fired for allegedly ignoring the requests of dozens of inmates who asked for help, according to his termination letter from the Department of Corrections.

Unloved Daughters and the One Question You Must Stop Asking >> Psychology

4/28/2017 It's a deceptively simple question which belies the depth of pain and hurt which lies just below its surface: “Why doesn't my mother love me?

The psychology of NFL draft day with 2 Alabama hopefuls >> Psychology

4/28/2017 For Jonathan Allen and Cam Robinson, it's counting down to the night everything changes. By Thursday afternoon they'll be walking a red carpet outside Philadelphia's art museum.

Psychology in the Media: Britain's Biggest Hoarders >> Psychology

4/28/2017 And, like many psychological issues presented in the media, the difficulties of hoarders tend to be rather over-simplified (with the input of Clinical Psychologists either steeped in mystery or not mentioned at all), leaving this valuable perspective ...

Emotion Regulation Skills Reduce Procrastination >> Psychology

4/28/2017 If you want to learn more about emotion regulation skills and even take a brief emotion regulation skills survey read How to Use Psychology to Solve the Procrastination Puzzle (link is external) (note this is a link available through Medium's (link is ...

The psychology of '13 Reasons Why' has some worried >> Psychology

4/28/2017 Psychologists, counselors and parents are paying attention to the most tweeted about show of 2017 - and it has some of them worried.

Q&A: What is cyber psychology? >> Psychology

4/28/2017 UK cyber risk and psychology expert Professor Ted Humphreys was in Hamilton today to give a public lecture on the issues that face us in the online world.

How White Nationalists Are Setting Immigration Policy in Trump's White House >> Pseudoscience research

4/28/2017 This comes, in part, from the fact that FAIR has received more than $1.2 million from the Pioneer Fund, a white supremacist foundation started in 1937 to fund research to support eugenicist and "racial difference" findings across the academy. The ...

Thousands of scientists protest against Trump slashing research budgets >> Pseudoscience research

4/28/2017 Richard Zurawski, a meteorologist-turned-city-councillor who helped organize the event, said it is imperative that politicians combat the creeping influence of pseudo-science at all levels of government. Miller didn't consider the March for Science ...

Cities across Canada prepare to join others worldwide in March for Science >> Pseudoscience research

4/28/2017 A person hold up a sign that reads "Fund Climate Change Research Saving The Planet Is Not A Waste Of Money" during the March for Science in Washington, Saturday, April 22, 2017.

Marching for science >> Pseudoscience research

4/28/2017 Scientific theories (which should not be confused with colloquial “theories” generated from half-baked or trivial ideas) are based on knowledge accumulated through scientific research. They are grounded in a process that is self-correcting, typically ...

US colleges confront a new era of sometimes-violent protest >> Pseudoscience research

4/28/2017 But, he said, the sessions were a chance to remind campus police of best practices: to know and be engaged with the college community, do research on speakers, look at what's happened at other campuses, and meet with the leaders of protest groups ahead ...

What We're Reading >> Pseudoscience research

4/28/2017 We do not sensationalize, cherry-pick, or misrepresent the research reports. We do not report pseudoscience or mistake correlation for causation.

Widening exocytosis >> Neuroscience research

4/28/2017 α-Synuclein is implicated in the pathogenesis of Parkinson disease (PD), but the physiological function of this protein has been unclear.

New services to support open research - BioMed Central blog >> Neuroscience research

4/28/2017 Today Springer Nature is introducing a new service intended to help researchers more easily share data and other files generated during their research.

How shifts in excitation-inhibition balance may lead to psychiatric disorders >> Neuroscience research

4/28/2017 Alterations in excitation/inhibition (E/I) balance constitute an emerging theme in clinical neuroscience, wrote Anticevic and Dr.

Learn to Play the Guitar Using Neuroscience Research With This Wearable >> Neuroscience research

4/28/2017 As it turns out, the answer was yes - learnings from neuroscience could be applied to music instruction. Neuroscience research shows that there are two main methods of learning: repetition and association. According to Spivey, most ear training systems ...

Scientific discovery game significantly speeds up neuroscience ... >> Neuroscience research

4/28/2017 A new scientific discovery game is allowing video gamers to significantly speed up reconstructing the intricate architecture of brain cells, a fundamental task in ...

NSF-Funded Program at Santa Fe College Prepares Students for STEM Careers >> Meteorology research

4/28/2017 At UF, students work closely with mentors Corene Matyas, Jasmeet Judge and Katie Stofer—who specialize in meteorology, soil hydrology, and STEM education—to learn how scientific research is conducted. In the program's outreach experience, the ...

Research details developments in the small satellite market >> Meteorology research

4/28/2017 ... stakeholders) and secondary research, the report aims to present the analysis of global small satellite market on the basis of Types (Nano-Satellite, Micro Satellite, Mini Satellite), By Application (Earth Observation & Meteorology, Technology ...

Live coverage: March for Science rally is underway >> Meteorology research

4/28/2017 A number of Democratic lawmakers took to Twitter on Saturday to slam President Trump's climate agenda and his administration's handling of scientific research. The lawmakers used the March for Science demonstrations to go after the president's policies ...

James E Newman >> Meteorology research

4/28/2017 He was a Visiting Professor at Wye College at the University of London, UK, in 1977 and a Visiting Scientist at the National Meteorological Institute at Nanjing, China, in 1987. In addition to his research work, Professor Newman worked in extension ...

Bill Nye's New Show Can't Save the World—It Likely Won't Even Reach the Right Audience >> Medicine science

4/28/2017 However, at the turn of the twentieth century, when medicine was certainly primitive, the Discoverer of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, organized “a church designed to commemorate the word and works of our Master, which should reinstate primitive ...

Science minister mulls forcing universities to attract more female researchers >> Medicine science

4/28/2017 "It's an extraordinary opportunity for future physicians, veterinarians, and dentists to explore the intersection of medicine and scientific discovery, and we hope that each student comes away further empowered to pursue a career as a physician ...

From Personalized Medicine To Personalized Diet Plans >> Medicine science

4/28/2017 As the college intensifies its emphasis on high-impact learning, the Department of Environmental and Health Sciences offers plenty of opportunities for hands on research and fieldwork.

Dr. David Katz, Globally-Renowned Lifestyle Medicine Expert, Joins Virgin Pulse Science Advisory Board >> Medicine science

4/28/2017 As a Science Advisory Board member, Dr. Katz will provide specific leadership and guidance on lifestyle medicine -- dietary guidelines, physical activity suggestions, and tips for weight loss.

Bursaries on offer >> Maths Science

4/28/2017 International integrated chemicals and energy company Sasol is urging top performing Grade 12 Maths and Science learners who are interested in becoming Geologists and Metallurgical Engineers to apply for its all-inclusive bursary programme for the 2018 ...

Ruia College students' wait for subject of their choice continues >> Maths Science

4/28/2017 Mumbai: After 60 incoming Class XII science students at Ruia College, Matunga, met Education Minister Vinod Tawde on Monday requesting to take psychology instead of maths as their optional subject, 20 students have still not been given admission in ...

Jayne Dowle: Why we're failing to help pupils reach for the stars >> Maths Science

4/28/2017 She is so outstanding at maths, science and engineering, she was plucked from her secondary school in Barnsley a few years ago and now attends a specialist university technical college (UTC) in Sheffield.

Stanford professor uses math to create 'neverending bloom' >> Maths Science

4/28/2017 A Stanford engineering lecturer and artist has created a series of spectacular sculptures which appear to 'bloom' like living flowers.

Teacher shortages in key subjects 'set to get worse' >> Maths Science

4/28/2017 “Teacher shortages for specific subjects such as Stem (science, technology, engineering and maths) and Irish add another dimension to the problem leading to more teachers teaching 'out of field',” Mr Mooney said.

Number of students who quit computer science falls >> Maths Science

4/28/2017 The number of computer science students dropping out of their course after first year is showing a welcome improvement. However, computing and other courses with a high maths content, such as engineering and construction, are still losing ...

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 – A scientist's review >> Maths Science

4/28/2017 I'm going to start by giving the film a very generous allowance for being a blockbuster made for entertainment, not an educational documentary.

UTA history professor awarded Humboldt Fellowship for experienced researchers >> History science

4/28/2017 Patryk Babiracki, an associate professor in the Department of History at The University of Texas at Arlington, was awarded a Humboldt Fellowship for Experienced Researchers from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Science, history vs. Chicken Little >> History science

4/28/2017 Apparently there are to be two definitions of science floating around; the Chicken Little global warmer terrorist version of science, where even though a theory is proven invalid many still accept it as valid because politicians and a tiny fraction of ...

March for Science Was Important, Silly Signs Aside >> History science

4/28/2017 To understand why science is so important, it's essential to take a broad view of history. Economic historians estimate that modern developed countries are more than 25 times as rich as they were in the Middle Ages.

A little science and history behind putting nitrogen in beer >> History science

4/28/2017 As yeast consumes glucose sugars in the wort, it produces both carbon dioxide and alcohol; the process of making beer boils down to a simple chemical reaction.

Space Matter: A Brief History of Cassini >> History science

4/28/2017 Space Matter is a weekly column that delves into space science and the mechanics of spaceflight. From the latest discoveries in the universe around us to the fits and starts of rocket test flights, you'll find analysis, discussion and an eternal ...

Mastodon Bone Findings Could Upend Our Understanding of Human History >> History science

4/28/2017 But no human remains were found at the site, so it's impossible to say who butchered the mastodon. "This discovery is rewriting our understanding of when humans reached the New World," Judy Gradwohl, president and CEO of the San Diego Natural History ...

Fredonia Chair Earns Earth Month Network Award >> Geology research

4/28/2017 ... in honor of the 47th Anniversary of Earth Month, has bestowed upon Sherri A. Mason, State University at Fredonia chair of the Department of Geology and Environmental Sciences and chemistry professor, the Environmental Excellence in Research Award.

Dayton Power And Light Should Keep The Lights On By Saving ... >> Geology research

4/28/2017 Isaac Orr is a speaker, researcher, and freelance writer specializing in hydraulic fracturing, agricultural, and environmental policy issues and a research fellow ...

“Skidmore” New Zealand, A New Study Abroad Option >> Geology research

4/28/2017 Currently, there are two tracks available for this program, the New Zealand Earth Sciences and Geology of New Zealand with the University of Canterbury and University of Auckland, but starting in 2018, additional tracks will be added.

PLUAC opposes controversial borehole project >> Geology research

4/28/2017 Experienced researchers will evaluate whether or not the geology at the research site supports safe storage of nuclear waste, however they are not trying to determine if Otero County is suitable for nuclear waste disposal, according to the website.

College news 4-19-17 | | >> Geology research

4/28/2017 Area students were among those who graduated in the online degree and certificate programs from Grantham University, Lenexa, Kansas, in March 2017.

Petra and Paradise: U of A Professor Leads Research for Smithsonian Channel >> Geology research

4/28/2017 Because Paradise has training in geology, architecture, geography and cartography, he was asked to work in the on-air commentary, script work, cartography, imagery, and fact-checking of this extensive project, making him part of the project and filming ...

Student research in the sciences flourishes at JSC >> Geology research

4/28/2017 Dr. Les Kanat, a professor of geology, has hosted a number of research projects over the years. One project deals with bees.

Penn State researchers to study animal-assisted therapy for abused children >> Physical Research

4/28/2017 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Animals have been used in therapy for decades to assist with a person's physical, emotional and social well-being to reduce anxiety and facilitate healing.

Physical therapy professor receives top honor >> Physical Research

4/28/2017 To win the Catherine Worthingham Fellowship from the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is among one of the highest honors those practicing physical therapy can be awarded, and for the first time ever, a Duquesne faculty member has received ...

VIDEO: Move More Month aiming to get thousands of Sheffield people active >> Physical Research

4/28/2017 "We want to change the culture of the city to make it easier to be physically active as part of everyday life. “In Sheffield, through the NCSEM partnership, we are very much leading the way in terms of public health and physical activity research and ...

U.S. Physical Therapy, Inc. (USPH) Stock Rating Lowered by Zacks Investment Research >> Physical Research

4/28/2017 Jefferies Group LLC set a $63.00 price objective on shares of U.S. Physical Therapy and gave the company a “hold” rating in a report on Saturday, March 18th.

UK launches first research programme on greenhouse gas removal >> Physical Research

4/28/2017 The Greenhouse Gas Removal programme is jointly funded by the National Environment Research Council (NERC), the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Fauchet reappointed dean of School of Engineering >> Physical Research

4/28/2017 “During his tenure, the faculty has grown in strategic directions, new programming has been developed and launched, research funding continues to grow, and the number of enrolled undergraduates continues to increase. ... of Inventors, along with the ...

Physical, Affective and Psychological determinants of Athlete Burnout >> Physical Research

4/28/2017 Research on athlete burnout has historically focused on the physical load from training and competitions as well as the psychological stress associated with situational pressure to explain the occurrence of athlete burnout (36, 33, and 38).

American Physical Society and CERN sign an open access agreement for SCOAP3 >> Physical Research

4/28/2017 The American Physical Society (APS) and The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), as the Host Organization of SCOAP3 (Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics), are pleased to announce that they have ...

Humans in N. America 100000 Years Earlier? >> Physical Research

4/28/2017 "When we first discovered the site, there was strong physical evidence that placed humans alongside extinct Ice Age megafauna.

Adams State professor contributed to ground breaking research >> Physical Research

4/28/2017 Adams State University's Dr. Jared Beeton, professor of physical geography, contributed to the research on the Cerutti Mastodon site and is one of 11 authors on the article.

Nigeria: NHF Calls for Physical, Health Activities in Childhood, Youth >> Physical Research

4/28/2017 Speaking during the presentation of the 2016 Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youths, the Executive Secretary, NHF, Dr.

Two Genetic Blows Against Darwinian Speciation >> Scientific speculation

4/28/2017 Classical neo-Darwinism relies on genetic mutations (random mistakes) acted on by natural selection (an aimless effect dependent on what survives).

One Of The Most Common Contraceptive Pills May Affect Your Well-Being >> Scientific speculation

4/28/2017 It's a question that women everywhere have pondered at least once or twice in their lifetime: is the pill making me crazy? Amid great speculation and a pool anecdotal evidence, a team of Swedish researchers has shown one of the most common combined ...

A recent study shows colorectal cancer is growing among younger adults >> Scientific speculation

4/28/2017 “We're having more people diagnosed with colorectal cancer, especially in their 40s, but also in their 30s and even in their 20s,” said Dr.

Four things to know about Bret Stephens, the latest Jewish Grey Lady columnist >> Scientific speculation

4/28/2017 A news brief announcing the decision in Ha'aretz, a rival publication, reported that Stephens' hiring “triggered speculation and some unease” because Stephens wasn't Israeli. But in his .... “That's what the weight of scientific evidence indicates. Is ...

Mining Expert Jay Taylor of Hard Money Advisors Initiates Coverage of MacDonald Mines >> Scientific speculation

4/28/2017 Management bases its decisions on its strong scientific and technical competence and experience using in-house expertise in geophysical modeling tools.

The Myth of the Organic Soup: Only Life Produces Life >> Scientific speculation

4/28/2017 Istock, C. (2010). Life On Earth And Other Planets. Science And Speculation. Journal of Cosmology, 5. 890-896. Jacobsen, S. B., (2005).

Scientists have solved the 100-year-old mystery of Antarctica's Blood Falls >> Scientists

4/28/2017 It's been 106 years since Australian geologist Griffith Taylor discovered the vivid red falls flowing from the glacier named after him, onto the icy Lake Bonney.

Scientists discover so-called 'iceball planet' >> Scientists

4/28/2017 An artist's conception of the planet can be seen in the picture. NASA says the planet has the same mass as Earth and is orbiting its star at the same distance that Earth orbits the Sun -- but it's likely way too cold to sustain life as we know it ...

Jay Dickey's Complicated Legacy Is A Lesson For Politicians And Scientists Alike >> Scientists

4/28/2017 Today, just a handful of scientists regularly produce in-depth research on the subject. Given his namesake amendment's chilling effect on their field, it would make sense for gun violence researchers to remember Dickey less than fondly.

Scientists Hatch Wild Plan to Terraform Mars >> Scientists

4/28/2017 Scientists Hatch Wild Plan to Terraform Mars. by Leonard David, The proposed Mars Terraformer Transfer (MATT) plan makes use of a satellite called Shepherd to steer an impactor into Mars.

Scientists Are Already Planning the Next Mission to Pluto - Gizmodo >> Scientists

4/28/2017 The Pluto-shaped void in our hearts has yet to be filled by Planet 9, copious amounts of Ben & Jerry's, or anything. Ever since the summer of 2015, when NASA's ...

A prominent climate scientist explains why scientists are taking to the streets >> Scientists

4/28/2017 One of the most famous and vocal climate scientists is speaking out, again. Penn State researcher and author Michael Mann was recently asked by Democrats to be a witness at a hearing on climate science.

Scientists Decode the Secret of Glowing Mushrooms >> Scientists

4/28/2017 And scientists have a pretty good understanding of how that happens. When a pair of enzymes called luciferin and luciferase combine with energy and oxygen, the resulting chemical reaction makes a compound called excited oxyluciferin.

My Turn: Edelblut fundamentally misunderstands how to train ... >> Scientists

4/28/2017 I recently heard Commissioner Frank Edelblut on NHPR criticize the Next Generation Science Standards adopted last year by the New Hampshire Board of ...

Scientists Create 'Revolutionary' Artificial Womb >> Scientists

4/28/2017 Scientists Create 'Revolutionary' Artificial Womb. The researchers successfully tested the system on fetal lambs, but they hope that the technology can one day be applied to helping save the lives of critically preterm infants.

Trump is trying to shrink Bears Ears National Monument. Heres why scientists are worried >> Scientists

4/28/2017 President Donald Trump signed an executive order yesterday calling on the Department of the Interior (DOI) to review “all Presidential designations or expansions of designations under the Antiquities Act made since January 1, 1996.

Scientists found a no-frills way to build on Mars >> Scientists

4/28/2017 A group of engineers found a way to build on Mars using nothing but the Red Planet's soil, a discovery they said could be used to eventually build structures on the Red Planet.

Don't blame scientists for the denialism encouraged by oil companies >> Scientists

4/28/2017 To the editor: Marcus du Sautoy argues that marching for science isn't enough, that it's up to scientists to engage the public as part of their job.

Scientists Can Now Create Glass Figurines with a 3D Printer >> Scientists

4/28/2017 Intricate glass creations such as miniature castles and tiny pretzels can now be fabricated using 3D printing, according to a new study.

Marching for Science, Terror and Politics in Paris, Mozart in Cuba >> Science and Politics

4/28/2017 Ira Flatow, host of PRI's Science Friday, is in Washington D.C. for the March for Science, a protest demonstration scheduled to take place this Saturday in support of evidence-based research and decision making in government.

Inside Politics: Science, pseudoscience, politics and propaganda >> Science and Politics

4/28/2017 In recent decades, the misrepresentation of valid science by those serving hidden economic and political agendas has fomented unwarranted distrust in legitimate science. Lamentably the lay public is unaware how easily pseudoscience poisons public ...

At a political boot camp for scientists, enthusiasm and anxiety >> Science and Politics

4/28/2017 Self-promotion, pithy sound bites, and political advocacy aren't always the traits of researchers. But those are the skills a group of 60 scientifically trained attendees were encouraged to embrace last week at an event in Washington, D.C.

Science and politics cannot be separated >> Science and Politics

4/28/2017 Nevertheless, the sentiment that science should remain above politics is popular across the political spectrum.

March in Support of Science Draws 1500 - The Independent: News >> Everyday Science

4/28/2017 Livermore's March for Science last Saturday attracted an estimated 1500 people attending the Rally at Livermore High School. The rally was followed by a ...

Join us for March for Science on Earth Day >> Everyday Science

4/28/2017 The north country is home to countless examples of everyday science. Our agriculture, lakes, rivers, industry, hospitals, and the building of roads and the plowing of snow on those roads are all science!

Students march for science >> Everyday Science

4/28/2017 “It was cool to see some of the tenets were bringing science and community together,” said Barlass, a biochemistry major.

Not a March for Science, but a march for truth >> Everyday Science

4/28/2017 On April 22, scientists around the world gathered to join in the March for Science, a series of marches and rallies held to emphasize the importance of science in our everyday lives. According to the movement's mission statement, the march “champions ...

Book That Inspires Tween Girls to Pursue Science Careers Launches on Take Our Daughters and Sons to >> Everyday Science

4/28/2017 "Helping girls discover the relevance of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in everyday life stimulates curiosity and problem-solving skills," says Ellen Langas, author of Super Science Girls! and founder of Girls Know How. "Women ...

Is It True Facts Don't Lie? >> Everyday Science

4/28/2017 Of course, there are conventions in science, just like there are conventions in everyday life. For instance, we have assigned what our brains process to be a certain color the name “red.

Award winning student aims for a future in cancer research >> Biochemistry Science

4/28/2017 Chris Alderman, senior biochemistry and molecular biology major, presents his lab presentation on observing cancer cell mutations for a research lab, Friday in Science Hall room 142. Alderman, who has been awarded with the Outstanding Senior Award, ...

Loyola Students Join Thousands in “March for Science” >> Biochemistry Science

4/28/2017 “A lot of people worried if the March for Science had too many parallels to the recent anti-Trump protests, it would make science out to be negotiable and not above politics,” said sophomore biochemistry and bioinformatics major Jasen Jackson, who ...

Using rooster testes to learn how the body fights viruses >> Biochemistry Science

4/28/2017 A team led by Xin Li, Ph.D., assistant professor in the departments of Biochemistry and Biophysics and Urology at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, analyzed rooster testes to find out.

Landmark University: NUC accredits 6 undergraduate courses ... >> Biochemistry Science

4/28/2017 Obayan listed the accredited courses and programmes as Computer Science, Economics, Biochemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Sociology.

Team science critical to diagnosis, prevention, treatment of diseases >> Biochemistry Science

4/28/2017 A group of scientists from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) show that a team science approach is critical to solving complex biomedical problems and advancing discoveries in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human disease.

LAHS Grad Wins Prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship >> Biochemistry Science

4/28/2017 Anna Scott, a senior and 2013 Los Alamos High School graduate who is studying chemistry in the MSU College of Letters and Science's Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, learned this spring that she received the fellowship, which will provide her a ...

Penn State and Geisinger team up to establish new program for graduate students >> Biochemistry Science

4/28/2017 Ritchie is a professor in the Eberly College of Science Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a specialty in bioinformatics and genomics.

BioRxiv preprint server gets funding from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative >> Biology Science

4/28/2017 But the idea has gained momentum since bioRxiv was launched 3 years ago by CSHL. It is now the fastest-growing biology preprint server, adding 800 papers each month to its current total of about 10,000 papers.

CSIRO invest in 'riskier science' to stay ahead of global disruption >> Biology Science

4/28/2017 CSIRO Synthetic Biology projects will produce new biological devices, create synthetic vaccines and personalised 'spare parts' for our bodies.

Naperville North science students compete in their element ... >> Biology Science

4/28/2017 Naperville North Science Bowl team includes a kid who won the National History Bee and the International Geography Bee.

Klondike freshman wins three medals at State UIL Science meet >> Biology Science

4/28/2017 WINNING SCIENTISTS Klondike's UIL Science team placed third overall at the State meet held last weekend after Anna Jung (far left) won the gold in Biology and second in Science and Caden Stewart (third from left) won gold in Physics and fifth in Science.

College of Natural Science honors 2017 Alumni Award winners >> Biology Science

4/28/2017 John Woollam received the Outstanding Alumni Award; Jason Pratt received the Recent Alumni Award; and Richard W. Hill, professor of integrative biology, received the Meritorious Faculty Award. Woollam, an internationally known expert in ellipsometry ...

Science's war of words reaches truce | News | tahlequahdailypress ... >> Biology Science

4/28/2017 AUSTIN -- Conservatives are claiming victory in a state education board decision to streamline controversial evolution-related biology standards, and as it turns ...

Moroccan Biology Professor Nominated for European Science Award >> Biology Science

4/28/2017 Rabat - Adnane Remmal, a Moroccan researcher and biology professor, is among the 15 nominated names for the 2017 European Inventor Award, announced by the European Patent Office (EPO) on April 26.

Protecting Arizona's dark skies >> Astronomy Science

4/28/2017 The history of astronomy and its importance in Arizona continues with the founding of Kitt Peak in Tucson in 1958 and its collection of world class telescopes.

Why We Marched for Science >> Astronomy Science

4/28/2017 “The very idea of evidence, and logic, and reason, is being threatened by individuals and interests with the power to do real harm,” declared Cara Santa Maria, host of the Talk Nerdy science podcast. Bill Nye, television's “Science Guy” and head of The ...

Gravitational wave testbed repurposed as comet dust detector ... >> Astronomy Science

4/28/2017 In the final months of Europe's LISA Pathfinder mission, scientists have found an unexpected use for the trailblazing testbed for a future gravitational wave ...

Astronomy Club planning May construction of Bath Observatory >> Astronomy Science

4/28/2017 Although Shulan admits it's unlikely the observatory will inspire students to become astronomers, he said he hopes use of the observatory will spark more interest in all science, not just astronomy. The Bath site is an “exceptional” location for an ...

Cassini: the 17th-century astronomer who shrank France and inspired a spacecraft >> Astronomy Science

4/28/2017 As a historian of science, when I scroll through my Twitter timeline and see mentions of Cassini, my thoughts tend to go not to the spacecraft that is, at the time of writing, somewhere between Saturn's rings and the planet itself.

[ 26 April 2017 ] Keck Observatory captures rare high-resolution images of exploded star News >> Astronomy Science

4/28/2017 “It reveals to us a bit more about the universe, but mostly triggers a wealth of new scientific questions.” Astronomers detect thousands of supernova every year, but only a few of those found are gravitationally-lensed. Because they are only visible ...

Getting ready for the solar eclipse >> Astronomy Science

4/28/2017 The last minutes before a total eclipse of the sun triggers a primal reaction, says astronomer Jay Pasachoff. “You don't know what's .... In science, a hypothesis is an idea that must be rigorously tested before it is accepted or rejected. infrared ...

“Cambridge Explores the Universe” inspires children with astronomy >> Astronomy Science

4/28/2017 The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics hosts hands-on activities, telescope tours and solar observations on Sunday afternoon at its “Cambridge Explores the Universe” event.

Kashmir in search of itself >> Archeology Science

4/28/2017 It is opening up of philosophy, anthropology and archeology departments in Kashmir University, thanks to the efforts of Vice Chancellor, Dean Academics (who has especially been keen to see philosophy department and thus has earned, as his innings is ...

As left tackle, Randin Crecelius plays a vital role on the Viking offensive line. >> Archeology Science

4/28/2017 Crecelius' older sister Chelsie, now 24 years old and finishing up a degree in archeology at PSU, also played football.

On truth, fact, and logic >> Archeology Science

4/28/2017 I have at least a hundred psychological conferences under my belt, and with archeology and Egyptology as favorite hobbies, I go to meetings on those subjects as well.

Explore: Lace up for the TC 10K, Astronomy Day, ukulele concert >> Archeology Science

4/28/2017 ... other wild pollinators (including a mason bee that is new to science), and Royal B.C. Museum Archeology Collection manager and researcher Genevieve Hill, who will discuss archeological evidence for traditional use of wetland and Garry oak ecosystems.

UIndy students present research for Scholars Day >> Archeology Science

4/28/2017 From biology to media studies, undergraduate students from disciplines across campus shared their research projects for Scholars Day, presented by the Shaheen College of Arts & Sciences and the Ron & Laura Strain Honors College. Activities included ...

Fairfield holds 34th Holocaust Commemoration >> Archeology Science

4/28/2017 It is the new frontier of Holocaust studies, Freund said, to use new science technology to plot out, and map, and excavate without destruction— “non-invasive archeology.” They have been able to find the tunnel, to locate mass graves, and discover ...

Ungar's New Book, 'Evolution's Bite,' to Be Released in May by Princeton Press >> Anthropology Science

4/28/2017 FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. - Evolution's Bite by Peter Ungar, Distinguished Professor of anthropology and director of the Environmental Dynamics program at the University of Arkansas, will be released in May by Princeton University Press.

Fisichelli to talk about climate change and the park >> Anthropology Science

4/28/2017 The talks, which include experts from the fields of earth science, food systems, history, public policy, anthropology and energy, take place in McCormick Lecture Hall and are free and open to the public. Each presentation includes a question-and-answer ...

Youngstown Stands up for Science - The Jambar >> Anthropology Science

4/28/2017 Chants of “Science not silence” rang out in Wick Park during Youngstown's March for Science on Saturday, where experts and educators spoke about the ...

Science war of words reaches truce >> Anthropology Science

4/28/2017 Meanwhile, Texas Values, a conservative nonprofit organization headlined its statement on the same decision: “Victory! State Board of Education Preserves Strong Science Standards.” Ronald Wetherington, an SMU anthropology professor, was part of an ...

Duke Junior Ashlyn Nuckols Named 2017 Beinecke Scholar >> Anthropology Science

4/28/2017 Nuckols, from Essex, Vermont, studies cultural anthropology, with a minor in political science. She has worked with the Samuel Dubois Cook Center on Social Equity at Duke, producing a documentary exhibit titled “Trying to Get By: (Not) Making Ends Meet ...

UMF professors remember senior during annual symposium >> Anthropology Science

4/28/2017 Instead, faculty members from the history, anthropology and political science departments remembered Daigle with humorous anecdotes.

Fellowship aids UO professor's research on TB in India >> Anthropology Science

4/28/2017 Venkat is a cultural anthropologist interested in science, medicine and technology; history and temporality; ethics; design; and the environment, with a primary area focus in South Asia.

Fellowship to help UO anthropologist professor with India project >> Anthropology Science

4/28/2017 Venkat is a cultural anthropologist interested in science, medicine and technology; history and temporality; ethics; design; and the environment, with a primary area focus in South Asia.

Boston's March for Science organizers connect through passion for science >> Anthropology Science

4/28/2017 Crocker, a PhD student studying anthropology at Boston University's College of Arts and Sciences, and Ciulla stressed the importance of the initiative to engage the general public.

QA: First U.S. state-by-state analysis of hepatitis C cases >> Science

4/26/2017 ... “acute” HCV infections—which indicate recent transmission—jumped 158% between 2010 and 2014. Emory epidemiologist Patrick Sullivan, whose team earlier created a popular interactive map called AIDSVu, discussed the new work with Science Insider.

Did Human Ancestor 'Lucy' Have a Midwife? >> Science

4/26/2017 "What we found with Lucy was very much in between that of chimpanzees and humans," DeSilva told Live Science. There are no known fossils of any newborn australopiths.

March for Science, climate engineering and China's space station >> Science

4/26/2017 Google health study Google's life-sciences spin-off, Verily, launched an in-depth health study of 10,000 people on 19 April.

Nasa waits on Cassini radio contact from Saturn >> Science

4/26/2017 The daredevil flights are designed to gather pictures and other science data of unprecedented resolution. But Cassini was out of radio contact for the duration of the plunge and is not scheduled to re-establish communications for another day.

Science-Based Public Health, Safety Protections Would Be Devastated By RAA >> Science

4/26/2017 WASHINGTON - The Senate has introduced a new version of the “Regulatory Accountability Act”—a bill that would cripple the ability of federal agencies to enforce laws that protect our health and safety, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Cancer institute reinstates director after uproar from staff and funder >> Science

4/26/2017 The largely unexplained firing, announced to staff last week in an email from Pershing and Vivian Lee, senior vice president for health sciences, mobilized HCI staff and other high-profile researchers, some of whom marched in support of Beckerle's ...

Hedge Fund Coatue Bets on Data Science With Investment in Domino Data Lab >> Science

4/26/2017 Data scientists at Coatue Management LLC spent the last few years digging into new data sets to gain an edge in investing. Now, the firm is betting on data science itself as hedge funds across Wall Street push into “big data” analysis to find trading ...

Dog DNA study maps breeds across the world >> Science

4/26/2017 Mapping the relationships between different dog breeds is rough (get it?), but a team of scientists at the National Institutes of Health did just that using the DNA of 1,346 dogs from 161 breeds.

Was Cliff Mass right about March for Science? >> Science

4/26/2017 Early hand-wringing among some scientists fretting that the March for Science would harm the cause of science tended to center on one key issue: There was no way the march would not be political, because it inevitably would come off as anti-Trump.

Letter: Rokita's take on science is troubling >> Science

4/26/2017 This knowledge is based not on a poll of scientists (science does not work that way), or a on a "hunch," it is based on knowledge of the fundamental physics that causes climate change, in response to changes in the concentration of greenhouse gases in ...

Rain doesn't stop researchers from doing science at the march >> Science

4/26/2017 Fisher was leading one of four research teams who battled the chilly, driving rain to sample participants at the biggest-ever rally for science. The scientists had lots of questions—Who are you? Why did you come? What are your politics? What do you ...

400 People Microdosed LSD for a Month in the Name of Science >> Science

4/26/2017 For the last five years, Fadiman has been laying the groundwork for a science of microdosing, and last weekend during the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) psychedelic science conference, he revealed some surprising initial ...

Supercharge your scheduling with these 5 Google Calendar tricks >> Science

4/26/2017 Whether it's on the web, on Android, or on iOS, Google Calendar has become indispensable to many of us. A lot of that is down to the clean, intuitive user interface that Google's put together over the years, but if you dig a little deeper under the ...

How hot peppers and marijuana could help cure gut problems >> Science

4/26/2017 Srivastava's recent study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests we may be one step closer to finding a cure.

NSF's uphill road to making prestigious early career award more diverse >> Science

4/26/2017 Increasing diversity within academic science has been a priority for France Córdova since she became director of the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2014. Within a year she had launched an initiative, called INCLUDES, that challenges universities ...

Watch this robot construct the world's biggest botmade building by itself >> Science

4/26/2017 People have experimented with many approaches to autonomous construction, and the scientists—a team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT's) materials science and design focused Mediated Matter lab in Cambridge—weighed them all ...

Science vs. Science™! >> Science

4/26/2017 Leading the charge was eminent scientific revolutionary Bill Nye the Science Guy, a mechanical-engineering-degree holder who got famous as a children's television presenter.

High-tech apps track drivers to help prevent tragedy >> Technology

4/26/2017 The technology is a growing business -- from apps to devices like Verizon Hum, which is a driving performance tracker aimed at parents.

Biglaw Divided On How To Deal With Technology >> Technology

4/26/2017 globe globalization world tech technology Last week, in the back room of a Midtown eatery, a number of eDiscovery specialists from across the New York Biglaw landscape gathered for breakfast and a wide-ranging discussion of the challenges they face ...

Seagate Technology (STX) Beat Q3 Earnings, Misses Revenues >> Technology

4/26/2017 However, for the past few years the company is focusing on the larger enterprise segment, where technology upgrades and cloud-related investments are on the rise.

WATCH: How technology aids golfers increase their knowledge on the course >> Technology

4/26/2017 Technology is changing everything. We already know that. But one industry that has maybe lagged behind a little bit is golf.

C Spire brings technology to The Pavilion in inaugural conference >> Technology

4/26/2017 Musicians, bright minds in technology and even a few robots are converging in Oxford this Thursday for the inaugural C Spire Technology Experience. CTX, the first conference of its kind on campus, will bring three primary speakers: Michelle McKenna ...

Looking at DNA technology used in Tapp case, release | KTVB.COM >> Technology

4/26/2017 It's been just over a month since an Idaho Falls man was released from prison after more than 20 years.

Technology: Robot Fighting Invasive Species >> Technology

4/26/2017 One of the most pervasive is the lionfish, a voracious predator from Asia that is depleting native coral reef fish in the Caribbean.

How Marketing Technology Is Forever Recasting the CMO Role >> Technology

4/26/2017 Alas, those days are almost gone. In a position with a continually shrinking average tenure—now down to 42 months—it's no longer in the CMO's best interest to make decisions based on “feel” alone.

How deception-based technology is turning the tables on hackers [Q&A] >> Technology

4/26/2017 This is where deception-based technology comes in. It protects organizations' valuable IT assets against a multitude of attacks, from APTs to malicious insider activity.

Wikipedia's Founder Wants to Fix Fake News >> Technology

4/26/2017 I'm the associate editor of news and commentary for MIT Technology Review. I put together our daily e-mail newsletter, The Download, from my base in London before everyone in the U.S.

Berkeley Lab Program Champions Neglected Energy Entrepreneurs >> Technology

4/26/2017 Most observers argue that achieving a sustainable energy system will require advances in biofuels, storage, renewable efficiency, and grid technologies. Yet the federal budget dedicated to research has declined for decades, as have corporate ...

Why Amazon's use of self-driving technology would be a game changer >> Technology

4/26/2017 Self-driving vehicles have yet to hit the road in a major way, but Amazon already is exploring the technology's potential to change how your packages are delivered.

Report: FIFA will use video replay technology at 2018 World Cup in Russia >> Technology

4/26/2017 FIFA president Gianni Infantino said video assistant referees are coming to the 2018 World Cup, according to multiple reports. Infantino is in Chile speaking at the FIFA congress alongside representatives of CONMEBOL, also discussing the possibility of ...

Africa's Indigenous Technology for Rural Women Economic Empowerment >> Technology

4/26/2017 Chika Ezeanya-Esiobu's documentary looking at ways in which indigenous knowledge and technological advancement can provide opportunities for women living in rural Rwanda.

Rauner Technology Chief Says $208K Buys Valuable Aid >> Technology

4/26/2017 Bruce Rauner's technology chief told a House committee Tuesday that spending $208,000 with an executive-assistance firm during a budget crisis is justified because it's helping the state design a digital system with technology that, in some cases ...

Evolving technology forces careers to adapt >> Technology

4/26/2017 The giant online retailer is one of the biggest examples of how technology has changed the way people live, work and shop. “A lot of what we take for granted now never existed 15 years back,” Shanker said.

New artificial womb technology could keep babies born prematurely alive and healthy >> Technology

4/26/2017 New artificial womb technology could keep babies born prematurely alive and healthy A premature lamb is being developed in an artificial uterus called a "biobag.

Clean Technology Innovation Is in Decline >> Technology

4/26/2017 For one thing, there's currently little financial incentive to develop new clean energy technologies—it's still far easier to make money by developing, say, consumer-facing technologies than it is to turn a profit with new kinds of batteries, solar ...

Huawei, Chinese Technology Giant, Is Focus of Widening US Investigation >> Technology

4/26/2017 HONG KONG - As one of the world's biggest sellers of smartphones and the back-end equipment that makes cellular networks run, Huawei Technologies has become one of the major symbols of China's global technology ambitions. But as it continues its ...

Chemistry research in India 'still not in big league' >> Chemistry Science

4/26/2017 Kolkata: Despite an increase in research output and international collaboration, chemistry research, "the central science", in India is "still not in the big league", an analysis has revealed. Researchers Subbiah Arunachalam, Muthu Madhan and Subbiah ...

Lakeside High team heads to national Science Bowl >> Chemistry Science

4/26/2017 During their practice, Smith administered a randomized set of questions. Topics included physics, math, chemistry, life science and physical science. Students raced to be the first to ring the buzzer and give an answer; the same as the national ...

The weird chemistry threatening masterpiece paintings (video) >> Chemistry Science

4/26/2017 The American Chemical Society is a nonprofit organization chartered by the U.S. Congress. With nearly 157,000 members, ACS is the world's largest scientific society and a global leader in providing access to chemistry-related research through its ...

Water fluoridation sparks lively conversation at Hull Science Festival >> Chemistry Science

4/26/2017 The 'Water Fluoridation Conversation' was the first of a new format for our public events, designed to enable two-way conversations between scientists and the public on everyday issues with a link to chemistry. Hull is one of the worst areas in the UK ...

Protecting Coral Reefs With Some Clever Chemistry >> Chemistry Science

4/26/2017 How many of these tropical fish can you name? If you're an avid snorkeler or scuba diver, probably all of them (1). Seeing them in their natural habitat - a coral reef - is an amazing experience.